Like a luscious garden, people in organizations are like seeds in a flower bed.  They need nourishment, encouragement, and the light to reach toward, but great potential is already within them.  GROW Coaching and Consulting, LLC is dedicated to tending leaders and teams so people, like seeds, can flourish and bring their best to work each day.  Services include:

1-on-1 Coaching

  • Brain-based coaching using the latest neuroscience research to draw out maximum potential
  • International Coach Federation Certified

LEaD Training – Leadership Exploration and Development

Leadership development in the form of energizing, engaging programs that inspire, challenge and grow leaders. LEaD stimulates discovery about leadership in relation to the self, teams and organizations so that individuals can bring their best selves to work and bring out the best in others, too.

LEaD is a partnership with HA! Hutchinson Associates.

Custom Team Services

  • Needs Assessment, Design and Delivery, and Support of teams from formation through maturity.
  • Strategic planning, team-building, team formation, MBTI facilitation, etc.

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