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Your Brain on Change

Change can be exciting AND exhausting.  Neuroscience research is giving us compelling evidence that taking care of ourselves is imperative to coping with rapid change. Our work lives often make it hard for our brains to learn and adapt.  We sometimes think people have a hard time with change, but, in reality, it’s our brains that are too stressed out and tired to make the effort. In the video “Prepare Your Brain for Change” Margaret Moore, CEO of Wellcoaches Corporation, explains helpful habits to cultivate a more resilient brain, such as:

These are wise words AND when I’m overwhelmed with work and facing deadlines these are hard to do!  It’s essential that we help each other.  And that we do so in meaningful ways – it reminds of the Platinum Rule “Do unto others as they would like to be done unto.”  If you are in a formal leadership role, how do you create a brain-healthy work environment?  If you are not in a formal leadership role, how do contribute to a healthy work environment for the people around you?

So, pay attention to how you cope with change best and consider what habits you can improve to help your brain and your work mates be more resilient.  Please leave a comment to let us know what works for you…

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