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Everything I learned about leadership I learned from my dog


Ok, not everything, but I have learned valuable lessons from her that could be applied to effective leadership.  I’m single with no kids, so a dog is my teacher – if you have a significant other and/or children, you may feel the same way about those who share your home.  Leadership, to me, is about the impact one has on others, human or four-legged, so I consider myself a leader in our house.  Many times Lucy’s behavior, when I am mindful enough to notice, has been a reflection of how I show up in our interactions.  She reads signals from me that she interprets and responds to, just like employees in organizations respond to leaders.

Here are three keys to effective leadership my dog has helped me experience:

There’s a recent study that indicates dogs pick up on the meaning of the words, in addition to the tone and how one says something.  To read a New York Times article about the research, click here.

The common thread to these lessons is that effective leadership requires that we are mindful of our impact on others.  We have a chance to make life better for others and we can do that in small ways that mean a lot to those around us.


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