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At GROW Coaching and Consulting, we believe everyone is a leader. We help leaders develop by listening to their vision and drawing out their natural strengths and unique qualities to optimize their distinctive leadership style.

Our Purpose is to Help Your Leaders Lead With Clarity and Confidence

Give Your Leaders Support to Be the Best Leaders They Can Be

Whether it’s making decisions at the top of a global organization or leading a project team or deciding what to make for dinner, we believe, our actions have an impact on others – that makes us all leaders. We work with leaders who want to be intentional about their impact on the organization and its people.
Two trainees engaged in a collaborative leadership workshop, seated across from each other. One trainee asks questions and takes notes while the other provides answers and insights.

There is Not One Single Formula for Effective Leadership

Being an Inspiring, Influential Leader Who Engenders Trust is Possible

There’s not one single formula for effective leadership – it comes from cultivating one’s natural talents, beliefs and experiences and directing them toward their goals. It’s using our unique behavioral style, combined with skillful knowledge, to be our best and bring out the best in others.
Being an inspiring, influential leader who engenders trust is possible. It goes beyond simply knowing what to say in a given situation. It requires self awareness and deliberate practice to consistently show up as the leaders we want to be. We have the expertise to draw out those inner qualities and refine them to make them most effective.

LEaD – Leadership Exploration and Development

Leadership development in the form of energizing, engaging programs that inspire, challenge and grow leaders. LEaD stimulates discovery about leadership in relation to the self, teams and organizations so that individuals can bring their best selves to work and bring out the best in others, too.

LEaD Programs


6 Week Class

The flagship of the LEaD suite of products. LEaD is a customizable series of in-person or virtual sessions where new, experienced and emerging leaders explore their own style of leadership by developing greater awareness of their behavioral style, how their style impacts one-on-one and team communication and enhances their strategic thinking about their own careers in relation to their organization’s mission, vision and strategy.


Group Coaching:
6 Months

LEaD Ex is a 6-month experience that leads members through the Leadership Roadmap© process including small group meetings and 1:1 coaching. 

The Leadership Roadmap© helps individuals gather information about themselves and career options so they can make these decisions.


Custom Internal Blog

LEaD On is a subscription service of brief daily posts of curated leadership development content.

See Blog for samples of content.



LEaD Lite are in-person or virtual,  interactive presentations (think “Lunch and Learn”) on a variety of topics.


Single Session or Series

Individuals can have a 1:1 consult for a specific situation or hire Gwen to work toward a goal over several months.
International and multiple industries, specializing in technical professionals…
Gwen is known for her ….


Technical vs. Management Career Track Decision

Making the decision about whether to continue as a technical professional vs move to a career in management is a major career decision. Having invested heavily in becoming an expert in one’s profession (usually with a doctorate of some kind), the thought of leaving “the bench” is difficult. Everyone around this person has a vested interest in the decision so it can be difficult to sort out the decision.


GROW Coaching Articles

Meaningful Self Promotion for the Humble

Some leaders tend toward being humble. They actually don't enjoy public recognition. They are satisfied knowing, in their hearts, that they did a good job. That’s fine…and it’s simply not good enough. The thing is, everyone is too busy doing their own thing to notice...
Networking as a Tool for Innovation

Networking as a Tool for Innovation

My dad was a carpenter in my home town. On my days off from school I’d tag along with him to his job sites. Every once in awhile he’d “go to coffee.” “Coffee” at the City Cafe was a weekday ritual for many business people in my small community. My dad, however, was an...

Networking Your Way in to an Organization

Networking Your Way in to an Organization

In my opinion, and others would agree, trying to get a job solely by filling out applications is a waste of time. If you want to make a pivot in your career or move to a new company, at the very least, don’t spend all of your time looking at ads and filling out...

Use Compliments as Positive Self Promotion

Use Compliments as Positive Self Promotion

Clients often tell me they are terrible at self-promotion. But there’s another way of thinking about self-promotion that’s not the slimy, sucking up kind. Instead, I suggest developing a habit of giving genuine compliments as a way of building relationships. I have a...

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