About GROW

Hi, I’m Gwen, the chief gardener here at GROW.  I started GROW Coaching and Consulting because I know that those who truly succeed are those who combine technical expertise with strong interpersonal skills. In today’s interconnected work environment. we all need to communicate, cooperate and collaborate more than ever. Overlooking “soft” skills can slow down progress, cause undue stress in the workplace or even derail an otherwise stellar career. There are patients to be healed, important products to create, and big problems to solve so I’m on a mission to help people communicate more clearly and be more productive together.

I am especially passionate about helping brilliant scientists such as engineers, health care and IT professionals sharpen the people skills that are essential to the success of their organizations.  I have had the privilege of working with remarkably gifted people to shift their behavior and strengthen relationships so they achieve the positive impact they intended. As an experienced leadership coach and organization development consultant, I deliver workshops and provide 1:1 coaching to leaders and teams in technical professions.  I’ve facilitated successful results for hundreds of clients. With 25+ years consulting inside complex organizations, I am adept at navigating internal politics and organizational cultures that can impede results.  My clients have been in tough environments, facing challenges where emotions run high.  I can help. I am a powerful yet caring guide helping people through change by becoming more skilled communicators.

Here is what some of my clients have said:

“Gwen is an amazing coach and facilitator. She can probe and listen to uncover a situation as if standing on a balcony watching the entire situation unfold. With this information, she uses her gentle approach to guide you to see things more broadly. A wonderful resource!

Nan, senior university instructor & consultant

“Gwen helped me diagnose and fundamentally understand the underlying issues I was having with a long-term employee. With her help, we developed a strategy that targeted the issues and created a path to success that not only empowered the employee but motivated her to overachieve. I would recommend Gwen’s coaching services to anybody that simply needs more from an employee. She will get it done and you will be very happy with the results!”

Luke, director of operations, non-profit agency

“Gwen’s warm and direct coaching style was a tremendous help to me as I launched my new career (from corporate lawyer to in-house trainer and coach). Working with Gwen helped me identify what I want and how to get there, including sources of support needed for my journey. Her ability to “tell it like it is” accelerates the positive results from coaching.”

Lisa, attorney turned compliance trainer

“It has been a pleasure having Gwen as my coach, especially while I’m in a transition from GM (general manager) to a freelance coach/trainer, her coaching was inspiring and powerful, yet caring. As a result I achieved clarity and positive movement instead of focusing on negative thoughts & emotions, She helped me  be creative in addressing my challenges.”

Xin, corporate general manager, China

To hear about how I became an entrepreneur and lessons I’ve learned, listen to my interview with Cheryl Leitschuh of the podcast Straight Talk for Smart Business Women.