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Networking Your Way in to an Organization When You Don’t Know Anyone

In my opinion, and others would agree, trying to get a job solely by filling out applications is a waste of time. If you want to make a pivot in your career or move to a new company, at the very least, don’t spend all of your time looking at ads and filling out applications.… Continue reading Networking Your Way in to an Organization When You Don’t Know Anyone

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Can I buy you a Pumpkin Spice Latte?

I was at a bonfire last Friday night where I met some new people. As we were standing around stoking the fire and keeping our hands warm, the conversation turned to job search and networking. Everyone had a story about what worked, or didn’t, for them at some time in their careers. By the time… Continue reading Can I buy you a Pumpkin Spice Latte?

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Use Compliments as Positive Self Promotion

Clients often tell me they are terrible at self-promotion. But there’s another way of thinking about self-promotion that’s not the slimy, sucking up kind. Instead, I suggest developing a habit of giving genuine compliments as a way of building relationships. I have a team-building activity around the concept of emotional bank accounts. It’s based on… Continue reading Use Compliments as Positive Self Promotion

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Using Presence to Claim Your Power

I recently had a client, a department manager, who presented a proposal to a panel of university professors. This panel had a reputation of being very difficult and grilling whoever came before them. She prepared for it as well as anyone could who knows they are going into the lion’s den. Sure enough, they found… Continue reading Using Presence to Claim Your Power

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Clear the Space for Clear Thinking

In my leadership development programs, one of the techniques I teach participants is how to “clear the space” in their brains at the beginning of a session. This helps them clear away distractions and focus on our work together. It is a handy technique to use any time you need to harness some extra thinking… Continue reading Clear the Space for Clear Thinking

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Are You Listening, Really Listening?

Leadership is a combination of many skills. A common thread in any definition of good leadership is that it’s about getting things done through other people. At its best, good leadership inspires cooperation and collaboration through effective interpersonal skills that let people know their contributions matter. Listening well is central to getting successful engagement. Listening… Continue reading Are You Listening, Really Listening?

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

When’s the last time you took a good look at yourself? I mean,¬†when’s the last time you took¬†stock of your professional strengths and weaknesses? I think it’s important to do this at least every five years or when we are making a transition such as a significant job change. Ultimately, I believe our true nature… Continue reading Mirror, Mirror on the Wall