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Clear the Space for Clear Thinking

In my leadership development programs, one of the techniques I teach participants is how to “clear the space” in their brains at the beginning of a session. This helps them clear away distractions and focus on our work together. It is a handy technique to use any time you need to harness some extra thinking… Continue reading Clear the Space for Clear Thinking

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Are You Listening, Really Listening?

Leadership is a combination of many skills. A common thread in any definition of good leadership is that it’s about getting things done through other people. At its best, good leadership inspires cooperation and collaboration through effective interpersonal skills that let people know their contributions matter. Listening well is central to getting successful engagement. Listening… Continue reading Are You Listening, Really Listening?

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

When’s the last time you took a good look at yourself? I mean, when’s the last time you took stock of your professional strengths and weaknesses? I think it’s important to do this at least every five years or when we are making a transition such as a significant job change. Ultimately, I believe our true nature… Continue reading Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

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The Key to Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

In a word – VISION. New year’s resolutions are hard enough to keep, and even more so without a compelling vision to propel you forward. If your holiday break did not include some time for visioning, here’s an opportunity to do it now. I’m not suggesting a long, navel-gazing exercise where you create a framed masterpiece… Continue reading The Key to Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

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Are you brave enough for your voice to be heard?

What do you do during virtual meetings? Do you multi-task? Do you put the phone on mute? What do you wear on a work-at-home day? (Don’t worry, it’s a rhetorical question, I don’t expect you to answer.) Most of us, at least occasionally, work remotely from the rest of our team. As a result, conference… Continue reading Are you brave enough for your voice to be heard?

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Increase Your Emotional Investment, Get Happy Results

Several years ago I created a team-building activity around the concept of emotional bank accounts. The idea is that our relationships with each other are like “bank accounts.” Each interaction is equivalent to making a deposit or withdrawal. Positive interactions are deposits and negative interactions are withdrawals. Over time the balance increases, stays static or gets overdrawn. Generally,… Continue reading Increase Your Emotional Investment, Get Happy Results