LEaD Program

Leadership Exploration and Development

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What is LEaD?

Leadership development in the form of energizing, engaging programs that inspire, challenge and grow leaders. LEaD stimulates discovery about leadership in relation to the self, teams and organizations so that individuals can bring their best selves to work and bring out the best in others, too.

Who’s a good fit for LEaD?

LEaD is designed for the leader in all of us. Not everyone wants to be in a formal management position, but we believe everyone is a leader. This program can be for a leader at any level who is in a position with formal authority, or not, and wants to grow. It is especially helpful for new and emerging supervisors and managers so they can gain confidence as they face new challenges and enter positions of greater influence. LEaD stimulates discussion so that people can clarify their beliefs, values and style of leadership and refine behaviors that support achieving their specific goals. This program will not “make” anyone a leader, but it will bring awareness, understanding and knowledge of critical traits and skills.


  • Live, in person workshops of substantive, thought-provoking content.
  • Learning activities, resources and practical tools to use right away.
  • Interaction with other participants to practice, support and integrate the learning.
  • 1:1 coaching support between sessions with an ICF Certified Coach.

Self as Leader:

Leadership requires a different perspective from that of an individual. As a leader gets “up on the balcony,” he/she sees the world with fresh eyes. In addition to seeing what’s around a leader, the leader sees oneself in new ways. Self-awareness is key to effective leadership.

As a result of LEaD, people will be better able to:

  • Articulate one’s values and beliefs about leadership more clearly
  • Communicate about one’s own personal style, strengths and needs
  • Practice 3 easy steps for lifelong learning

Leading Teams:

Leadership is all about teamwork, so skillfully navigating group work is essential. Listening actively and speaking clearly are just the beginning of communication skills that engender trust. Learning how to build and sustain effective teams throughout conflict and toward good decisions is art and skill.

As a result of LEaD, people will be better able to:

  • Understand how to strengthen relationships
  • Confidently address conflict and move toward collaboration
  • Use practical tools for managing meetings, making decisions and getting tangible, actionable results

Leading in an organization:

A key function of leadership is aligning individual and team goals to the organization’s strategic priorities. This is best done in an inclusive environment where there is trust and respect so that each team member can contribute fully. LEaD provides a laboratory for opening up creativity using humor and thinking creatively about the future.

As a result of LEaD, people will be better able to:

  • Identify how one’s personal career and team’s goals fit with the larger organizational strategy
  • Use diversity as a catalyst for innovation
  • Apply healthy humor to stimulate creativity

Origin of LEaD

Two successful professional trainers, Linda Hutchinson, Hutchinson Associates, HA! and Gwen Riedl, M.Ed., ACC, GROW Coaching and Consulting, LLC, have combined their strengths to create a unique approach to leadership development. Drawing on the latest research about what makes leaders successful, recent application of cutting-edge techniques in business and humor-infused facilitation of team activities, Gwen and Linda provide a lively and engaging program. Inspiring, provocative, and fun, LEaD is an exploration of leadership that can be customized to any organization so they can grow people into the best they can be.