The Leadership Roadmap Webinar

“The Leadership Roadmap:
6 Steps to the Destination of Your Dreams”

There may be times when you feel like you are being carried along with little control over your career path. Your dream may seem so far in the future that you wonder if you’ll ever get there. Or you may feel stuck, not knowing what the next best move is. If any of these describe you, this webinar will help.

Gwen Riedl, Chief Gardener at GROW Coaching and Consulting, LLC, with host Cheryl Leitschuh of Leitschuh Leadership Consulting, take you on a tour of The Leadership Roadmap, the six steps to envisioning and creating a path toward the destination of your dreams. You will be introduced to numerous leadership development resources, along with practical instruction about how to use them.

During the webinar, you will…

  • hear powerful stories of how a strong vision propels one to success,
  • learn an easy framework for understanding and articulating your strengths,
  • identify gaps in your current development path,
  • launch your own transformation journey!

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